Subscription Information/ FAQs

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Public Snapchat: ScarlettxJones



Q. What is Scarlett’s Snapchat Subscription?

               Scarlett’s Snapchat Subscription is a website that sells month to month access to Scarlett’s private snapchat. You’ll get to watch Scarlett be her nymph like-self daily and uncensored! This your exclusive window into a real life scarlet’s private sex life! Her snapchat  will feature: Boy/girl, masturbation, dildo, girl/girl, fetish, and roleplaying. Fully nude and uncensored! The subscription also allows for  text, photo, and video contact directly to Scarlett. Posts are made daily, and content is always “fresh” meaning it was created in the same day it was posted. Scarlett understands seeing the same thing everyday is boring and she wants you to really enjoy your subscription; This is why Scarlett has made spicing up her snapchat stories her number one priority. Different aesthetics, settings, positions, angles, role-play scenarios, toys, ect. should be expected.

Q. What will happen after I purchase Scarlett’s Snapchat Subscription?

                Once you have provided your email during checkout, and process your payment info through Cleeng; Scarlett checks her subscription account (at least twice daily). Upon checking, she will email new subscribers with her snapchat username via the email provided at checkout(don’t forget to check spam). Email Scarlett back with your Snapchat username. You can then add her as a friend on your Snapchat account.  Once you add Scarlett back you will be able to view her Snapchat media, as long as you provided the correct Snapchat username. Please email Scarlett back with your username so you can be added back, to her Snapchat friends list.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can’t!! Muahhahahaha!! Just kidding….

You can cancel your subscription anytime you please by referring to the Cleeng’s Customer Help Page Link on “Cancelling a Subscription.”:     : )

Unfortunately Scarlett’s Snapchat Subscription does not offer refunds; For cancellations for any reason ,including dissatisfaction with the Subscription.

Q. Are there any rules to being a subscriber to Scarlett’s Snapchat?                     

               Yes, there are several rules you should know for Scarlett’s Snapchat, breaking any one of these rules could result in a permanent ban from Scarlett’s Snapchat Subscription. Please read over the following rules:



3.)    The sale or distribution of any of Scarlett’s content is completely prohibited, and will be met with legal action.

4.)    No offensive or obscene messages or content is to be messaged to Scarlett’s Snapchat.

5.)    No, means No. No begging or harassment will be tolerated.

Q. May I screenshot Scarlett’s Snaps?

               No. Screenshotting will result in your permanent ban for life from any of Scarlett’s online media; this includes her Instagram, Snapchats, ect. She has all rights to maintain her own privacy.

Q. What kinds of media and messages may I send Scarlett?

               Whatever you please as long as it is not obscene or offensive; nudity is not seen as offensive or obscene.

Q. Does Scarlett post daily?

               For the most part yes, you can expect Scarlett to post at least 5-6 days a week; At least twice a day, one of those being uncensored, graphic adult content. Of course however, Scarlett cannot post graphic on those days that fall on her cycle. During this period Scarlett will post old content or fresh bj/boob job content. 

Q. How long does it take to access Scarlett’s Snapchat?

               Once Scarlett has been notified of your subscription, she will add you back within 24 hours.. but more likely within a few hours:)

Q. How will Scarlett know that I’ve purchased and are subscribed to her Snapchat?

               When your payment is processed through Cleeng, Scarlett is notified through email about your completed payment. She then adds the username you provided during checkout to her friends list.

Q. Who is the artist that created the work on Scarlett’s Home page and Subcribe:) page? 

The artist goes by Instaphazed & Superphazed. You can find them on tumblr ( and on Instagram  ( ).

Q. Can I upgrade my Snapchat Subscription?

               No. Scarlett’s Snapchat Subscription does not offer upgrades or promotional discounts.

Q. Does Scarlett do promotional work?

               Yes! Scarlett is always reviewing collaboration offers, just DM her on Instagram or email her here at:

Q. I have a complaint or question not listed. Who do I contact?

               Please email for any unresolved issues.

Q. I entered in the wrong Snapchat username for my subscription. What do I do?

                Please email to correct this issue.